Thoughts on NBC’s ‘Grimm’

NBC’s Grimm has turned into yet another ‘I told you so’ show for me. Many of my friends were tuning in and telling me that I should watch, but I was reluctant to add yet another first-run show to my lineup. (And, as the daughter of a career police officer, I am generally wary of  police dramas since I am usually distracted from the story by all the inaccuracies and stereotypes.)

Enter Grimm: definitely a police drama of a different breed (ha!). I enjoy this show because the police end of things isn’t the real story; Nick Burkhardt’s turn as a creature-fighting badass is. It’s just the right mix of fantasy and real-life to make it riveting. The show has now joined Mad Men, Once Upon a Time, The Walking Dead and The Big Bang Theory as first-run shows we just can’t miss.

After a marathon weekend of watching all of season one in the space of two and a half days, hubby and I were all caught up and ready for season two. Now that I have an entire week to chew on each episode, I’ve had time to comes up with some theories.

[SPOILER ALERT for anyone who hasn’t watched the last few episodes.]

My theory is that the prince, AKA Captain Renard, is part creature and part royalty, based on Catherine Schade’s comment to Kelly Burkhardt that “…he’s a bastard–and I mean that literally.” While we see him morph partially into a creature during his potion-drinking sequence, I don’t think that’s actually what his creature form looks like. My guess is that the creature part of him is something foxlike, judging by the last name. Based on this theory, Capt. Renard would need to have a way to hide his creature half from Nick’s notice.

And what of the “purification process” brought on by Catherine’s potion? I assume it turned him into “price charming,” but what does that mean, exactly? Is the creature part of him excised? There have to be a few strings attached to accepting a potion, ingredients unseen, from a Hexenbiest.

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