Thanks. Again.

Part II in my weekly series of November posts on thankfulness. Part I is here.

This week, my list is focused on knowledge and enrichment.

I’m thankful for…

…my education; without it, I would not be whole.

museums and libraries; they restore my soul. (I promise I’m not writing a poem here.)

…my books and my Kindle.

…the Internet, for letting me access trove after trove of information (and distraction).

…having had the freedom and the ability to pursue knowledge, which many women around the world do not have.

…having had parents who believed in education for its own sake and who encouraged me to seek it out at every opportunity.

…having the privilege of being paid to share the knowledge I’m passionate about with others.

…for all the City of Pittsburgh residents who voted this month in favor of a property tax to support Carnegie Library.

…for the Lawrenceville Branch of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, where much of my love of reading and learning was born.

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