Some of my friends are doing a “30 days of Thanks” meme, posting a different thing or set of things each day for which they’re thankful. My proverbial plate being as full as it is with finally graduating in a few weeks, I’ve decided I can manage to do this weekly. Here goes list #1, dedicated to the people in my life.


I’m thankful for…

…my husband, who grounds me and helps me make sense of the madness.

…the thoughtful people in my life who take the time to show they care.

…my family members, who’ve known me since the beginning and love me anyway.

…the kids in my life who know just how to make my day with a phone call or a sweet card.

…my dog, who knows when I just need to snuggle.

and, last, but not least:

…my friends, who’ve chosen ME, and unconditionally accept me, warts and all.

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